Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flaherty on Eves' Record?

In yet another article revealing the stupidity of our provncial premiers on the "fiscal imbalance" issue, I found an interesting quote from our federal finance minister, and former Ontario Common Sense Revolutionary...

"We're not about to run the federal government into deficit in order to fund provincial programs. I hope the provinces will recognize that and realize that it's their obligation, generally speaking, to raise their own taxes to pay for their own programs," Mr. Flaherty told Canadian Press on Sunday.

This struck me as interesting, given the Harris-era apologists who try to blame his excessive cuts on Paul Martin's budgets. As I've always said, Mike Harris and his finance minister Ernie Eves had a responsibility to manage this province properly. A campaign promise to slash taxes doesn't trump the real needs of important programs, and a transfer cut from Ottawa is no excuse.


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