Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup Flags

Here a list of the flags I've seen in Toronto supporting World Cup teams this week, in order of frequency:


13 down, 19 to go.

UPDATE 9:44: Add 2 more, Tunisia and Saudia Arabia (on the same vehicle)

UPDATE 10:24: Croatia just drove by my window. I've now counted 16, which is half the total.

1:30pm: Both Poland and Australia just drove by in a short time period. 18 down with 14 to go.

Thursday 8:40pm: Last night on my way home from work I saw Ecuador and the Czech Republic. Some of the remaining teams are going to be hard to find.

2:50pm: Spain just drove by. 11 to go.

4:17pm: Japan. I may or may not have seen Serbia's new flag yesterday.

Friday 4pm: Yes, saw Serbia's new flag again. Also saw a Persian flag this morning. 8 flags remain. Ivory Coast, Togo, Paraguay, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Costa Rica, United States. Some of those won't be easy, especially since 3 of those countries have been eliminated and 3 others are fairly likely to be.

4:26pm: Surprisingly, a Swiss-flagged van just drove by.

Monday 8:20am: Over the weekend I saw Sweden and the Netherlands. That leaves 5 and I doubt I will see any of them: Ivory Coast, Togo, Paraguay, Costa Rica, USA.


At 1:14 AM, Blogger KevinG said...

Do you expect me to believe that you know what Tunisia's flag looks like? :)


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