Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Liberals Have Made A Good Choice

First of all, congratulations to all the Dion supporters out there, especially the bloggers. It must feel great right now.

I was busy this weekend with life, but caught most of the key moments on the TV or radio. It made me wish I was there, or had at least been blogging this race all along.

Well, I'm very happy with the choice of Stephane Dion. I was interested in him as a potential leader since the day after Paul Martin lost. But there are many bloggers who can say the same.

He wasn't the only candidate I liked. Despite all the jokes about the big names that didn't run -- remember Manley, McKenna, Rock, etc.? -- I think the Liberals had a good group, and I would have been happy with many of them.

If any Liberals are still concerned about their choice, I really feel that some of their strategic concerns are mislaid. Stephane Dion will do well in Quebec and he is ready to give Stephen Harper a very strong fight in 2007. (Despite all the talk of "electability", I really think either Rae or Dion would have been a stronger electoral fighter than Ignatieff.)


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